A safe workplace starts with the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Taking necessary precautions to avoid dangerous toxins from entering your eyes and mouth optimizes the health of the workers.

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Eye Protection Equipment

Eye protection equipment ranges from face shields to safety goggles. The type of material you are exposed to will determine what type of eye protection you should use. For example, a face shield may be necessary if you are dealing with liquids that could splash easily onto your face. If you are exposed to a material that is a fine powder, safety glasses or goggles may be appropriate.

Wearing eye protection equipment acts as a shield from any flying or falling object. Failing to use eye protection can result in a loss of vision, work time, and compensation.

Respiratory Protection Equipment

Inhaling chemicals is one of the most dangerous hazards in a workplace. It is important to take necessary precautions to keep the toxins from entering your body. Respiratory protection equipment is offered in all shapes and sizes. However, the most important factor with this equipment is wearing it accurately.

Take time to select the best fitting respiratory protection equipment. If the face mask is loose or shifts, it is not protecting you against dangerous toxins. Try on multiple face masks to feel the difference between the various sizes and types of face masks offered. When you are finished wearing the equipment, it must be cleaned and stored properly. Protection equipment can only function at its highest potential if properly maintained and cleaned regularly.

Most respiratory protection equipment contains a cartridge that functions as a filter. It sifts the air and prohibits the dangerous toxins from entering the mask. Because of this, the cartridge must be cleaned or replaced regularly. Using the cartridge until you can smell the toxins in the cartridge is extremely dangerous. Many toxins are odorless and the toxins could be on the cartridge without your knowledge.

Remember, it is better to be proactive than reactive in your protection against dangerous toxins.