Why It’s Important for First Environmental to Manage Your Dust

dust-management-2Combustible dust is found in elevated areas like ceilings and roof structures in manufacturing plants. Because of the explosive nature of dust, this creates huge health and safety concerns. In order to maintain a clean and safe environment, it’s vital to remove the dust from these areas in the plant that are not cleaned often.

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The serious repercussions from increased dust levels include loss of life, damage to property, explosion, product contamination, and fire.

Q&A: Dust Management

Dust is a serious problem, but we offer the solution.  Many businesses have asked in-depth questions to better understand First Environmental’s dust management service. Questions include when we operate, how long the service will take, cost, and more.

How Long Does Dust Management Take?

The time it takes to remove dust from a workspace depends on what you manufacture, what type of dust is in the building, how much dust is present, and how large the building is.

Does Our Company Have to Pause Operations During Dust Management?

Your company does not have to pause operations in order for First Environmental to remove dust. There are multiple ways for us to clean your workspace. With a smaller crew, we can remove the dust while you are under production. This option is usually performed during the night shift.

Another option for us to remove the dust in your facility is over a holiday weekend. With a larger crew, we will remove the dust while the workspace is unoccupied. This option typically takes two to three days.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of dust management depends completely on what type of dust is in the workspace, the size of the area, and the time frame First Environmental has to remove the dust.

How Often Should My Company be Serviced for Dust?

What your company produces affects how often First Environmental should clean your workspace. For example, a saw mill will generate an increased amount of dust. For safety, the saw mill should have annual dust management. For a company that does not produce a lot of dust, First Environmental should perform dust management every few years.

First Environment’s dust management is driven by concerns from insurance companies, OSHA, and the state of Georgia. Call us today at 1-888-720-1330 for any questions or concerns.