“What is so frustrating about dust explosions is that they’re so preventable,” said Chemical Safety Board Investigator Ms. Blair. We couldn’t agree more! Combustible dust is an insidious hazard in the workplace and has the potential to take lives if not dealt with properly. With our help, we can make your workplace safe!

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What products have the potential to create a combustible dust explosion?

If your company provides these products and others, it is vital that you allow the First Environmental team to manage your dust. Dust explosions occur often, yet are very preventable! The following products are just a few examples of material that have the potential for a dust explosion when in powder form:

  • Agricultural products such as sugar, wheat, and soy flour.
  • Agricultural dusts such as cocoa powder, corn meal, and garlic powder.
  • Chemical dusts such as sulfur, lactose, and dextrin.
  • Metal dusts such as aluminum, bronze, and magnesium.
  • Plastic dusts such as (poly) acrylamide, (poly) acrylonitrile, and (poly) ethylene.

A dust explosion has the potential to shut down operations, seriously injure workers, or even cause fatalities. Take preventative measures to ensure this doesn’t happen.

How can First Environmental’s dust management services help?

When you choose First Environmental to manage your dust, you are reducing liability, improving safety in the workplace, controlling quality, and increasing health and peace of mind. There are no safety measures that should be ignored – especially concerning dust!

We provide dust management and dust control to keep you and your employees safe. It’s imperative that dust management measures are taken seriously and have routine checks. We have experience in dangerous environments where we successfully clean and remove dust.

The chemical safety board created an informative video about this insidious hazard. They take combustible dust seriously, and so do we.

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