Tank Cleaning for a Hazardous Waste Management Firm

High Pressure Washing

Recently while working closely with FEN, we had the opportunity to partner on two separate tank projects.

The scope of work; cleaning approximately 30 tanks of various hazardous and non-hazardous constituents, confined space work and ultimate confirmation, the tanks were free of any residual material and hazardous gases.

The team performed above and beyond expectations. In both situations, the crew finished days ahead of schedule and under budget, even when asked to perform tasks outside of the original scope.

High Pressure Tank Cleaning

Our crews are adept of using pressure washing techniques for jobs that demand more. Our High Pressure Tank Cleaning Process is designed for the tough jobs.

Note from client:

Without complaint the crew worked through a heat spell and on multiple occasions, the Team was forced to breakdown and cease operations due to passing thunder and lightning storms.

Their adherence to safety was never compromised. The work ethic and professionalism displayed by your team impressed us.

My many thanks in your support, providing us a high end, quality product.

– Business Manager of Hazardous Waste Management Firm