Vacuum Truck

What is a Vacuum Truck

A vacuum truck, also known as a suction truck, is a specialized type of commercial vehicle that is equipped with a large vacuum pump and a storage tank. The vacuum pump is used to suction up liquids, sludges, and hazardous spills from sewage systems, chemical plants and other industrial waste sites. The collected material is then stored in the tank for later disposal or transport to a treatment facility.  Vacuum trucks are essential for maintaining public health and safety by removing hazardous waste and preventing the spread of diseases.


What makes our Vacuum trucks different?

FEN vacuum trucks consist of air-moving cylindrical systems capable of vacuuming solid, sludge, dry powder, and liquid material. With some of the industry’s strongest trucks, our vacuum trucks deliver up to 5,300 CFM at 28” Hg. The material can be vacuumed from long distances, from overhead, or below grade. We have various tank sizes and lift capabilities available for customers depending on the project and need. The vast diversity of our vacuum trucks enables us to perform jobs no other industrial contractor can. Contact us today to find out what Vacuum trucks we have available for your industrial cleaning needs!

Effective applications employing our Vacuum Trucks include:

Vacuum Truck Services

First Environmental is a leading provider of vacuum truck services, offering efficient and reliable solutions for a wide range of environmental challenges. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled professionals, our vacuum truck services can handle various industrial and commercial waste removal needs. From liquid and solid waste transportation to hazardous material disposal, First Environmental has the expertise and equipment to handle any vacuum truck service project.

Whether you require vacuum truck services for routine maintenance or emergency spill response, First Environmental can provide you with efficient and effective solutions to meet your needs.