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302, 2017

Confined Space, Tight quarters, and Dusty Conditions

Confined Space, Tight quarters, and Dusty Conditions “I’ve worked with Darren Westleigh on a couple of projects and recently Matt Gregory. They just completed a job for me in a very challenging space. It involved a confined space, tight quarters, and dusty conditions. Darren and Matt worked together to determine the safest course for their crew to complete the job. Also, they maintained a positive attitude even as I kept changing the scope of the job and adding more work. However, what impressed me was their management of the confined space procedures. First Environmental had their own [...]

2112, 2016

Environmental Affairs

Environmental Affairs “Good morning sir, hope all is well.  I just wanted to say thank you for the support you and your team provided to Environmental Affairs this past year.  We had a very busy/productive year as you know and a few catastrophic events that your teams supported us on.  And we did it with Zero safety incidents, what a major FEAT! I know I don’t get a chance to say thank you personally, however, your teams support and professionalism does not go without notice.  So please echo to ALL of your team a sincere THANKS for [...]

2507, 2016

Emergency Response and Clean-up

Emergency Response and Clean-up “Thank you for the excellent emergency response and clean-up efforts on Lake Sinclair! Both of your teams worked extremely hard in hot, humid conditions and displayed a professional attitude when dealing with Lake Sinclair residents and our personnel. Response time was quick and each resident’s call was fully addressed. The Management team and our Environmental Affairs team appreciate all you have done for the last week. The cooperation between both of your groups was great, and clear communication between all teams ensured everyone was ‘in the loop’. Your team’s attitude helped to make [...]

2104, 2011

Industrial Cleaning for Food Grade Plant

Industrial Cleaning for Food Grade Plant I have used First Environmental Nationwide’s services for several years at our food plant and have been extremely pleased with their performance and overall finished product. They provide us with confined space entry tank cleaning and manually chisel the waste loose inside the tank. The material then is removed with a vacuum truck and then transport it off site for disposal in their roll off boxes. They always achieve excellence in their work and show great attention to even the smallest details. They do not complain about the size of the [...]

803, 2010

Tank Cleaning for Waste Management Firm

Tank Cleaning for a Hazardous Waste Management Firm High Pressure Washing Recently while working closely with FEN, we had the opportunity to partner on two separate tank projects. The scope of work; cleaning approximately 30 tanks of various hazardous and non-hazardous constituents, confined space work and ultimate confirmation, the tanks were free of any residual material and hazardous gases. The team performed above and beyond expectations. In both situations, the crew finished days ahead of schedule and under budget, even when asked to perform tasks outside of the original scope. High Pressure Tank Cleaning Our crews are [...]

1008, 2009

Industrial Cleaning for Southeastern Paper Plant

Industrial Cleaning for Southeastern Paper Plant This is to acknowledge the efforts of your company and all of its employees in the tireless support of our annual outage that we have just completed. Thanks to the commitment of companies like yours and our valued employees we had a successful outage and are back operating at full capacity We again appreciate your dedicated services and would ask that you convey our gratitude to your employees who played an instrumental role in our successful outage. We appreciate and value our working relationship with your company and look forward to [...]

2106, 2009

Industrial Cleaning, Dust Vacuuming and Hydroblasting for Manufacturing Facility

First Environmental has worked for me doing cleaning, vacuuming and hydro blasting, work since 2007 for both of our process lines. They clean our large duct system and their associated fans on a bi-weekly basis. First Environmental has always performed their duties professionally and has always worked safely. Their behavior and work knowledge required to protect against injury, both to themselves and to our employees, is excellent. I would highly recommend that you use First Environmental for their all around accuracy and the ownership they take in helping to maintain the equipment that they are asked to [...]

2705, 2009

Environmental Cleanup and Disposal for Chemical Manufacturer

My company is a manufacturer of only one particular type chemical; it is distributed worldwide. On occasion, when our chemicals are used at our customer’s plants there are upsets that render the chemical unusable. We have used First Environmental Nationwide for cleanup and disposal in several of these cases. We have also used First Environmental for other jobs such as; Environmental assessments on real estate, monitoring well installation, industrial cleaning at hazardous waste cleanup sites (their tasks included confined space entry, cleanup and making arrangements for disposal), and emergency spill response. First Environmental has always done a [...]

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