If you have large construction projects, residential renovations, or commercial cleanouts, Support Services Company (SSC) has roll-off box transport services to fit all your needs. Whether you need vacuum containers or dumpster rentals, roll-off waste disposal has never been easier, or more competitively priced. We’re fully equipped to meet all your residential and industrial cleaning needs, from roll-off box delivery, to transporting and disposing of non-hazardous waste. As the preferred waste transportation service in Georgia, we pledge to provide dependable, timely service.

Roll-Off Container Sizes

Whether it’s a temporary job or a long term solution, SSC provides roll-off waste transportation for any sized project. Open top steel boxes are ideal for construction and renovation debris, industrial waste, roofing jobs, yard waste, and large scale cleanups. Roll-off containers are measured in cubic yards, indicating the amount of material they can hold. Double check dimensions if space is tight, and consider the extra room needed for our expert drivers to maneuver around your space on-site. We’ll deliver your container to the job and schedule recurring pickup to safely and securely transport the waste for you. We can deliver to any approved disposal site, including landfills. Our most commonly transported roll-off container sizes:

  • 10-Yard
  • 15-Yard
  • 20-Yard
  • Yard

Responsible, Reliable, and Trusted

At SSC, we’re committed to meeting the highest standards in transportation and disposal. With our highly trained team of certified drivers and field technicians, we’re working hard every day to provide you with safe and reliable waste transportation services. Our service is based on our core values of customer satisfaction and timely response.

Schedule a Roll-Off Container Transport Today!

Georgia relies on Support Services Company for efficient waste transportation. With more than 50 years of experience managing and transporting all types of waste, we’re prepared to tackle any job of any size. Call us to schedule or request a free quote today! 888-720-1330