As we approach the end ofplanned and unplanned outages the holidays, many facilities will be back in full production, working towards their 2021 goals.

During the year, many manufacturing facilities will pre-plan annual maintenance outages to develop optimum efficiency.  Examples such as ovens and furnaces, process piping, above ground process and holding tanks, tunnels, and conveyors (production lines) require routine industrial cleaning services to prevent unforeseen “downtime,” avoid safety hazards, reduce cost, and maintain efficiency.

Downtime for your equipment is not profitable.  First Environmental strategically manages industrial services into the client’s time frame to decrease downtime.  Some companies will pinpoint their slowest months for this type of work, including holidays.  It is common to have electrical, plumbing/piping, cleaning, and facility vendors all working in the same space at the same time.  Our project support includes hydroblasting, vacuum truck services (solids, liquids, sludges), waste handling (transport and disposal), and other services, including confined space work.

Many companies build downtime into their maintenance plan.  For planned outages, it is essential to look ahead to the downtime and coordinate with your contractor to solidify scheduling (labor and equipment)  and a clear understanding of what you want (budget, time frame, equipment, and performance).

We understand there are times when issues arise that require immediate assistance.  In these cases, it is essential to assist in getting your process back online as quickly as possible.

First Environmental would be glad to look at any of your industrial cleaning projects and provide options.  We wish all a prosperous 2021.