Industrial Vacuum Service

Remove debris / material from 110’ x 20’ x 16’ oven (note: Oven utilized in the construction & building materials industry). Project begins with Tailgate Safety Meetingthen signoff off meeting attendance by each FEN employee. Perform site walk for lock-out tag-out. Issue permit for Confined Space Entry; prepare / ready the standbyEmergency Rescue Team; Perform the following tasks via vacuum truck, hydroblasting (10k, 15, and 20k PSI), and manual scraping from a fifteen (15) man team of technicians, supervisors, and manager: Clean all surfaces of oven, plenum, and RTO ductwork; purge ductwork, fans, and cooling chambers and associated fans; provide containment of all material removed and contain in vacuum boxes; transport offsite for disposal. Project is performed multiple times yearly for quality control and preventative maintenance.