Hydroblasting Services

FEN was awarded the decontamination work of a large manufacturing plant, which consists of 1.3 million square feet under roof. Completion time of the project is three (3) months, utilizing multiple crews and a fleet of equipment.

The building had previously been used in the manufacturing of steel parts and, as a result, the site was blanketed in oil.

All floor surfaces, basements, tunnels, trenches, underground piping, underground tanks, above ground tanks, required cleaning by removal of standing oils, greases, industrial sludges, and manufacturing-related oil-soaked debris and by-product {example: grinding swarf (mixture of coolant and metal fines)}. This required high pressure hydroblasting to aid in the removal of the sludge.

In addition, many sections of the building contained an extensive network of shovel – wide 24” deep trenches (utilized to catch by product from machines that previously existed) that contain standing oils and oil soaked debris.

Also required is decontamination and cleaning of the onsite wastewater treatment system.

The majority of the cleaning work is performed via 10,000-20,000 PSI hydro blasting pumps, hot water and steam cleaning units, and via industrial vacuuming (trucks). Our high pressure hydroblasting services are ideal for these types of projects. Other equipment also utilized: Floor sweepers, bobcats, forklifts, jet – rodding trucks, and pipeline inspection equipment.

Multiple crews work simultaneously, six (6) days weekly for three (3) months.

First Environmental Cleanup Service

Hole Watch – 350,000 gallon tank

First Environmental

Hydroblasting floor surfaces

First Environmental Cleanup Service

Hydroblasting interior tank supports

First Environmental Cleanup Service

Thousands of feet of underground tunnels to be cleaned – all surfaces

First Environmental Cleanup Service

Top view of vacuuming underground tunnel
(Notice: The tunnel is the entire length of the building.)

First Environmental Cleanup Service

Tunnel entry

Industrial Cleanup

Cleanout / vacuuming of interior portion of
350,000k gallon tank