Food Grade Cleaning that Exceeds Regulations.

First Environmental cleans spaces, surfaces, handling, and process – equipment in the food industry. Food solid is the inhibiting unwanted matter that collects on food contact surfaces. We will effectively remove this matter, so no harmful bacteria will grow, eliminating cross-contamination. We are also very well versed in FDA and AIB regulations, and we will ensure that your plant meets or exceeds FDA and AIB cleanliness standards.

Diversity of Food Grade Cleaning Abilities.

Even within Food Grade cleaning, First Environmental offers a multitude of services. Whether it be a mission to kill existing bacteria, remove remaining food particles, or eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination First Environmental can execute one-time cleaning, follow–up cleaning, periodic maintenance, or regular attention for particular sections of your facility. We ensure that the process is safe and effective and, most importantly, exceeds the industry standard every time.

Variety of Services

First Environmental offers a variety of services within the food grade industry. We Sanitize, Sterilize, Disinfect, and De-contaminate equipment, food processes, and overall operations. We have extensive experience in the peanut industry, including raw peanuts, peanuts, roasted peanuts, and peanut butter. We are well versed in the American Institute of Baking regulations. As a result, we have extensive Hygiene Cleaning, Housekeeping, Surface Cleaning, AIB Audits, Surface Vacuuming, and overall Food-Grade Cleanliness.

Contact us today and let First Environmental meet your Food –Grade Cleaning needs today! We will earn your trust and prove to you why we are the most desired industrial cleaning contractor in the industry.