My company is a manufacturer of only one particular type chemical; it is distributed worldwide.

On occasion, when our chemicals are used at our customer’s plants there are upsets that render the chemical unusable. We have used First Environmental Nationwide for cleanup and disposal in several of these cases. We have also used First Environmental for other jobs such as; Environmental assessments on real estate, monitoring well installation, industrial cleaning at hazardous waste cleanup sites (their tasks included confined space entry, cleanup and making arrangements for disposal), and emergency spill response.

First Environmental has always done a good job for our company. First Environmental is a fair company that is always considerate of the customer’s needs.

Some jobs where we have used First Environmental Nationwide:

Lansing, MI
On 5/19/09 and 10/16/09
Both occasions our chemical had problems and had to be removed from tanks the tanks cleaned and the material disposed (RCRA Hazardous Waste Liquid and Solids
The jobs cost $25K and $11K respectively.

Duluth, MN
Again there was a problem with the chemical and the plant tanks had to be cleaned and the material had to be disposed (RCRA Hazardous Waste Liquids and Solids)
Cost- $13K

We highly recommend First Environmental Nationwide.

– Environmental Manager