hazardous wasteHazardous waste is any material that is harmful to our health or the environment such as paints, oils, batteries, corrosives, and pesticides. These materials should not be thrown into landfill like other trash. Instead, you should contact a professional to dispose of the waste properly.

When improperly disposed, hazardous waste can cause physical harm to people and pollute the environment. For example, if you put liquid waste down a drain, it could contaminate groundwater and soil, which are used to produce our food.  If you throw flammable or explosive material in the trash, it could harm landfill workers or garbage collectors.

Three Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe & Clean

There are many ways that you can help reduce or eliminate hazardous waste in the workplace. Follow these three tips to contribute to safety:

  • Reduce the production of hazardous waste. Create a list of the products creating hazardous waste and determine if there is an alternate way to produce them.
  • Create a hazardous waste policy and procedure. Then, train your employees accordingly so they can safely dispose of waste.
  • Sign up for local hazardous collection. If your city or county offers collection for these materials, this may be a good option to ensure disposal regulations are followed.

Over time, following these tips will make a huge impact on your surrounding community and the environment.

Why You Need First Environmental Nationwide

First Environmental respects your work. When your hard work is interrupted by something getting dirty or spilled, we are here to solve your problem. First Environmental is one of the leading industrial cleaning companies in the Southeast.

First Environmental is a self-performing industrial cleaning contractor providing services including hydro blasting, tank cleaning, vacuum truck services, line cleaning, and other cleaning maintenance services.

We provide 24 hour emergency response service. Requests for responses, cleanup, and management of unexpected material spills are answered and managed by a live person and immediately dispatched to trained and experienced response personnel.