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Oven Clean Out

Remove debris / material from 110’ x 20’ x 16’ oven (note: Oven utilized in the construction & building materials industry). Project begins with Tailgate Safety Meetingthen signoff off meeting attendance by each FEN employee. Perform site walk for lock-out tag-out. Issue permit for Confined Space Entry; prepare / ready the standbyEmergency Rescue Team; Perform the following tasks via vacuum truck, hydroblasting (10k, 15, and 20k [...]

Environmental Clean Up Services

Environmental Clean-Up Services Approximately 242 million tires are discarded annually in the United States. First Environmental Nationwide was hired to restore an area used as a tire dumping ground. Cleaning up environmental hazards such as these come as first nature to our experienced team. We have earned an excellent reputation for providing site remediation services. This is a service that we are proud to provide. Our [...]

Remember the USS Cole

On December 12, USS Cole (DDG-67), once a powerful symbol of U.S. military might, limped home aboard the Norwegian transport ship M/V Blue Marlin for repairs to a gaping hole left by a bomb attack in Yemen that killed 17 U.S. sailors. The destroyer, unable to sail under its own steam, was carried into a cold & choppy Pascagoula Bay by the heavy-lift vessel Blue Marlin [...]

Tank Cleaning – Removal of Petroleum By-product

Industrial Tank Cleaning Recently, we were called, by a client, to clean a tank that contained a petroleum by-product. Due to an immediate tank inspection, our five man crew worked five, extremely labor intensive, eighteen hour days, using hydro blasters and vacuum trucks to remove the by-product. The by-product was then stored in vacuum boxes where it was delivered to an offsite disposal facility. The 325,000 [...]

High Pressure Hydroblasting

 Hydroblasting Services FEN was awarded the decontamination work of a large manufacturing plant, which consists of 1.3 million square feet under roof. Completion time of the project is three (3) months, utilizing multiple crews and a fleet of equipment. The building had previously been used in the manufacturing of steel parts and, as a result, the site was blanketed in oil. All floor surfaces, basements, tunnels, [...]