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Industrial Ductwork Cleaning Services

It is hard to believe that dust, particulates, and other contaminants can find their way into the ductwork, but that is their purpose.   Mostly, we see light material contamination such as dust or light fibers, but we can also see  “thick” materials (resins, paints) that require more substantial approaches.  Airflow ductwork is primarily designed to [...]

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Saving Time and Money

  Saving Time and Money   Using heavy industrial equipment to clean your most challenging problems is our business. Having the right team to use that equipment is why clients turn to us for maintenance support. We want to help our clients run better and minimize their expenses. Finding the best way to approach the [...]

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Are You Prepared For Your Next Audit?

 Do you have an upcoming audit of your facility? Are you looking for ways to help your location look better to meet compliance or appearance standards? First Environmental can help you.We have been assisting clients with site audit preparations, including interior and exterior services. In a recent food safety audit prep request, the client was [...]

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Planned and Unplanned Outages

As we approach the end of the holidays, many facilities will be back in full production, working towards their 2021 goals. During the year, many manufacturing facilities will pre-plan annual maintenance outages to develop optimum efficiency.  Examples such as ovens and furnaces, process piping, above ground process and holding tanks, tunnels, and conveyors (production lines) require [...]

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