first environmentalFirst Environmental is a proud leader in the industrial cleaning industry. Our services range in variety including dust management, pressure washing, remediation or restoration of buildings, and more. However, we have a few services that you may not realize we can perform for your company.

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Some of our services that tend to slip under people’s radar include dry ice blasting, sand blasting, and soil remediation. These services are crucial to maintain health and wellness in our communities.

Dry Ice Blasting

You may have heard dry ice blasting called by a different name. Many people refer to it as dry ice cleaning (or dusting), CO2 blasting, or environmentally sustainable cleaning. Dry ice blasting is incredibly unique because it uses soft dry ice to clean. It does not use harsh material, so the surface does not experience any damage. Dry ice blasting is approved for many different industries including the food industry!

Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is also known as abrasive grit blasting. This treatment involves blasting sand or a different type of gritty substance out of a nozzle. Not only is this type of treatment used in many different industries, it also has a plethora of uses including rust or mold removal, preparing surfaces for high performance coating, surface texturing, and more.

Soil Remediation

When you hire First Environmental for soil remediation, you are requesting our services to extract the contaminants from soil. This allows for cleaner and healthier soil. It also decreases environmental risks for the community around you.

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