24/7 Hazardous Waste Cleanup

At First Environmental, we pride ourselves on being available at all times for hazardous waste removal, especially in times of crisis. Requests for responses, emergency cleanup, and management of unexpected material spills are received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Emergency Spill Response

The Reliable Spill Response Service Near You

First Environmental provides emergency response services primarily to the Southeast United States. A call to one of our highly trained emergency coordinators will initiate a rapid and well-organized response to your situation. We also coordinate the response with local, state, and other government agencies. We always have one of our highly trained personnel available to answer your phone call, and that reliability has allowed us to separate ourselves from all other industrial contractors.

Emergency Cleanup Services

As a full-service remediation contractor, we can also provide transportation, disposal, and closure after the emergency is controlled. We maintain a specialized inventory of equipment and materials to respond to just about any hazardous material response. Our personnel has substantial experience in transportation spills, petroleum releases, chemical spills, railroad tanker derailments, fire damage remediation, and biohazard incidents. We also have the ability and experience to handle groundwater treatment, vacuum truck services, free product recovery, material neutralization, tanker truck rollovers, chemical transfers, and PCB releases from transformers. First Environmental has the equipment and training to solve any industrial cleaning problem you have any time it may occur.

  • Levels D, C, B, and Levels A Responses
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous / Liquid, Solid, and Sludge Material
  • Transportation-Related spills
    • Pipeline
    • Roadway
    • Rail
    • Waterway
    • Air
  • Manufacturing
    • Mechanical failures
    • Over Filling
    • Rail and Silo Loading/unloading
  • Petroleum Releases at Gas Stations and Bulk tank farms
  • Spills from Drums and Totes
  • Railroad Tank and Box Cars
  • Railroad Derailments
  • Railroad loading and unloading stations
  • Silo Loading / Unloading
  • Fire Responses
    • Containment ponds for water management and/or chemical & product releases
  • Natural Disasters – debris, chemical, soils, food-related spoils (refer systems, etc.),
  • Biohazard Incidents
  • Petroleum Spills on Surface water
  • Materials Neutralization
  • Tanker Truck Roll – Over
  • Chemical and Product Transfers
  • Electrical Transformers – PCB / Non PCB